Ghostly International: FutureMusic Done Right at FutureMidwest

Religious readers may remember my post on independent music labels where I highlighted some of my favorite places to find new tunes.  I was reminded that I forgot about an outfit that happens to be based in my backyard.  This “label” is none other than Ghostly International (GI).

Ghostly lives up to its name with their eerie ability to be everywhere. With their brand associating with the likes of Adult Swim and Behance, it is obvious that there is more to them than music. Ghostly shows a distinct understanding of what it is to have vision. In this day and age, it takes a lot of garner respect in one’s own space, let alone in other spaces. GI is managing to do that. With a knack for releasing forward-thinking, electronic-based music and packaging it with artwork that can be appreciated separate from its inspiration, the Ann Arbor, MI-based art aggregator is a shining example on how to be a brand in the 21st century.

ghostly international logo

Ghostly is one of the greatest labels to ever be birthed in Michigan.

– Kelly “K-Fresh” Frazier

A couple of weeks ago, FutureMidwest – a technology and knowledge conference – took place in Royal Oak, MI, which is a suburb of Detroit. Ghostly International Founder/CEO, Sam Valenti IV, spoke about the story of Ghostly and how they have dealt with dips. Hopefully, his presentation makes it on the web, so we can share it here. It was quite inspiring. Sam’s message of innovation leading the charge in shaping a brand is what we here at Frying in Vein hope more art curation hubs strive to be. As fellow curator Renaissance Soul Detroit’s Kelly “K-Fresh” Frazier proclaims, “Ghostly is one of the greatest labels to ever be birthed in Michigan. They have been able to successfully brand a label based on a method of making music, so it gives them that legroom to move with the times.”

Inspired by Ghostly, we want to showcase some favorites of their latest material that they have out now.
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