Download SoundCloud Player – Doc Illingsworth

SoundCloud is one of our favorite places to discover new music. There is a little bit of everything on there, but if you love electronic-based jams, you cannot beat the diversity of sounds on the site.

One of the coolest features on SoundCloud is the ability to follow artists and interact with them. With that idea in mind, we have decided to bring some of that interactivity here. Introducing SoundCloud Players, we will interview artists on SoundCloud that we dig and give you the opportunity to check out some of our favorite works by them. We hope you enjoy!

Our first feature act is Doc Illingsworth (Disclosure – I, Hubert Sawyers III, manage this act). He is a rapper / producer from Detroit, MI and is a member of the hip hop group, Detroit CYDI. He also released an instrumental collaborative project with a Swedish gentleman by the name of Erik L. You can check out the album called Northern Connection (affiliate link) on Amazon right now.

Doc Illingsworth 1BeatPerWeek cover

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Stop, COLLABORATE and Listen

Vanilla IceThe world may make fun of Vanilla Ice, but he was ahead of his time with the epic first line of his biggest hit “Ice Ice Baby.”  In true academic fashion though, a deeper analysis of this statement may show that the phrasing is arranged in the wrong order, at least it may not be the most effective method to getting things accomplished.  Before one can really collaborate, you must be open to listening first.  How else could one really produce a collaborative work otherwise? The likelihood that the work will be anything of merit is not very high.

One of the goals for Detroit CYDI (the hip hop group that I manage) this year is to do get involved in more collaborative projects.  While for the average music artist, collaboration would just mean working another musician or vocalist.  As their manager, I will be looking to help them with that, along with seeking opportunities with visual artists, lifestyle brands and other parties that would prove to be mutually beneficial.

It is always best to listen first before going to work.

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Fellow New Music Managers, Having Fun Yet?

Uzi Does It - GBC-Hollywood
Uzi Does It - GBC-Hollywood

If you are not aware, I am the manager of the hip hop group, Detroit CYDI.  Lately I have been reading the blog by Ian Rogers, manager of my newest point of interest – Get Busy Committee.  Inspired by his well-developed plan for his group, I am now looking to evoke similar progress from my own managerial efforts. Much like myself, Mr. Rogers does not have substantial experience managing music acts.  It is facts like this that keep me motivated in this crazy, unpredictable industry.  As long as there are smart folks like Ian Rogers willing to take chances, I figure my work is not in vain.

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