SMART Goals – The Key to a REAL Music Career

In my quest to become one of the premier music marketing minds, the first thing I did was jot down the things I wanted to accomplish while being a music marketer.  My longstanding goal is to become a serial entrepreneur, so in developing my goals I realized that being in marketing is only a means to an end.  This would not have been realized if I had not taken the time to write it all down with pen and paper.  Writing my SMART goals down keeps me focused and accountable to something actual; it also fulfills my human desire for purpose.

This site is a part of my plan to achieve my goal to become a full-time music marketer, which I hope will lead to entrepreneurial opportunities.  Writing blog post on here is not all I feel I need to do, so you can expect the following in the coming months:

  • Video Blogs (vlogs) with quick tips, exclusive interviews with music professionals and artists on the move
  • Case Studies from my applied work with various artists
  • e-Books with practical advice on the sensible to try and build a career as an entertainer
  • Branded Products – for all those that just want to show support and keep me along in my quest to achieve my goals

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