SMART Goals – The Key to a REAL Music Career

In my quest to become one of the premier music marketing minds, the first thing I did was jot down the things I wanted to accomplish while being a music marketer.  My longstanding goal is to become a serial entrepreneur, so in developing my goals I realized that being in marketing is only a means to an end.  This would not have been realized if I had not taken the time to write it all down with pen and paper.  Writing my SMART goals down keeps me focused and accountable to something actual; it also fulfills my human desire for purpose.

This site is a part of my plan to achieve my goal to become a full-time music marketer, which I hope will lead to entrepreneurial opportunities.  Writing blog post on here is not all I feel I need to do, so you can expect the following in the coming months:

  • Video Blogs (vlogs) with quick tips, exclusive interviews with music professionals and artists on the move
  • Case Studies from my applied work with various artists
  • e-Books with practical advice on the sensible to try and build a career as an entertainer
  • Branded Products – for all those that just want to show support and keep me along in my quest to achieve my goals

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When I consult with individual artists now, I always ask them to prepare a list of SMART goals before we begin to talk about strategy. In doing this, I can give them practical advice that will actually resonate with what they want to accomplish. Sure, every person that makes music will say they would like to be able to do it full-time, but when they note their other interests it may be easier to see how they will be able to make that goal a reality. In some instances, it might be obvious that a music act is not as serious as they think they are about making music a career; thereby, saving us all a lot of time.

Sometimes my artists are clueless as where to start or how to approach coming up with them, so for setting music goals I always forward them Ariel Hyatt’s tips on Setting Goals article for inspiration. I still use it personally as a reference when I need to re-evaluate my goals.

Artists, do you actually have goals written? If so, what resources do you use to keep yourself focused on achieving your goals? Let me know in the comments.

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