SoundCloud Weekly – Quelle “Dreams”

Many of my friends seem to like when I share new music. I listen to a lot, so when I get the question “what’s some good new music, Hubert?,” I feel bad that I am not ready to deliver an amazing pick on queue. I know it is all in my head, but that is the way I am wired. That said, I bring to you the SoundCloud Weekly. This music-centric social media community is where I look to find new tunes from the not-yet-popular. These will be short burst posts. If I find enough information on the artist, they may make a future “Funky Friday.” Until then, you can just enjoy their good tunes.

For my first offering, I want to share two songs from an artist I know will be a “Funky Friday” feature sooner than later. His name is Quelle. He’s in the hip hop group Crown Nation and the minimalist art pop group Awesome in Outer Space. The two songs are from his Awesome in Outer Space projects.

If you dig the songs, you can download them off the Crown Nation website. There is even a place to donate if you feel so compelled. Support the autograph!

6 dreams by quelle christopher

5 shine by quelle christopher

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Thanks goes out to my friend, Alex Richard, for the inspiration behind this series.

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