The ABC of Music Marketing – Always Be Converting

When you think about what you have done to build your music business today, how confident are you in your efforts being effective?

Hopefully, the things you did today were aligned to your mission of connecting with your fans. If not, we have more work to do that you know.

It is amazing how many artists are not building programs to convert new fans.

Today, I want to introduce a concept that I do not see addressed when folks provide advice to artists – fan conversion.

It may not seem like a groundbreaking idea, but I rarely see people putting in the time and effort to really create engagement experiences that are designed to turn a passive listener into an avid fan.

Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen RossIf you think these statements are annoying because you believe the music should do the converting, then you can leave now. Best wishes on your magical music saving your career.

This is serious. You know that you need fans to survive. Fans pay the bills.

It is amazing how many artists are not building programs to convert new fans.

One-off campaigns do not count either. Fan acquisition needs to be a round-the-clock affair.

Let’s get basic here, let’s talk about the ABC of music marketing.
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1 Easy Way Stones Throw Records Can Regain Me As A Brand Evangelist

I have been a fan of Stones Throw Records since the late 90s.

I enjoy their brand of music. It always seems as if they understand their target audience.

That is until the music industry started to tank.

Then they realized they needed to ante up on the creativity.

This meant releasing new music styles and creating purchase-worthy physical goods.

Stones Throw… made me feel inadequate.

That got me to thinking, “do they really understand their customers?”

Now this was not a problem for me.

The release of long-time acquaintance Mayer Hawthorne was genius.

James Pants – I get it.

Anika – they had me at the single; lost me at the album (sorry folks).

This activity actually was strengthening my Stones Throw advocacy.

What put me off was during the release of the first Mayer Hawthorne album.

Mayer Hawthorne heart-shaped 45
Collectables on top of Collectables

They released the heart-shaped 45, which was supposed to be a limited run.

I bought two copies, thinking it was definitely going to be an instant collector’s item.

They released some subsequent 45s, which I also copped.

Then something weird happened.

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5 Reasons Why Musicians Make The Worst CEOs

There comes a time where you have to address the elephant in the room.

It has to be said. Musicians suck as bosses.

CEO - Tiare - Board Meeting by tiarescott
photo by tiarescott

Some rap artists would have you believe they are the very definition of “boss.”

That is the greatest fallacy ever put to record in quite some time.

Just as companies go through personnel changes, so do bands.

Band members come; band members go.

Managers are here today, gone tomorrow.

It is time musicians come to grips with this, if they ever plan to have a sustainable career.

Without goals and a general plan of action, a business owner cannot expect to succeed.

Independent musicians need to understand that they are inherent business owners.

Therefore, you need to look at your productions as business assets.

You have to understand what value your productions have and to whom.

Artists never seem to think like this. Everything is a gamble.

“If I make it, they will come.” Okay, Robert Redford.

For those that want to stop the insanity, you need to realize where you are failing yourself. It is not because you are not working hard. You are not working intelligently. Here are the biggest holes in your business that are keeping you from progressing.
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