Random Nugget of Wisdom from Edan (via Señor Kaos)

I came across this video on my old stomping grounds, the Soulstrut.com forums. It is an interview by modern hip hop vanguard Edan. Yep, I said it – VANGUARD. Edan is something like a visionary genius. He finds ways to paying respect to the old while being able to sound really new when he makes music.

Anyway, check out the entire interview, but Edan talks about what he is trying to get his circle of rap friends to start to focus on around nine minutes into the interview. You can just jump to it, if you don’t have 15 minutes to kill. We both know that is a lie, but suit yourself. 😉

Señor Kaos Interviews Edan from Señor Kaos on Vimeo.

I agree with that one random nugget by Edan so much that you can expect a written piece exploring this under-served avenue in hip hop very soon.

The link to learn more about Edan is up above if you missed it. Edan has a podcast, aptly titled “Edan’s Radio Show.” The links below will send you to where you can listen to it. You might be able to find it on iTunes, but I haven’t validated that yet. The music selection is quite excellent if I do say so myself.
Episode 1
Episode 2

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