The Danny Brown Movie (trailer)

In my draft queue for this site, I have a really crappy write-up I did on Danny Brown, who happens to be one of my favorite Detroit eMCees at the moment. He came out of nowhere, hit the scene firing and killed anyone thinking of filling the void of the Detroit hip hop space first. Hot Soup put Detroit hip hop back on the map in 2008, what can I say. I wanted to write on the significance of Danny’s comeuppance, but I could not get the right words together. Epic passages were on my mind, but a part of me thinks it was too early for that.

That is okay though. Danny has had the innanetz going nuts. He did not need my seal of approval to make that happen. I mean, no one really does, but as a writer and a tastemaker it helps to show where my interests lie, so I am going to take my time and do a modest write-up.

Apparently Danny has been a busy guy. He has a documentary about his life coming soon, a couple mixtapes and The Hybrid, which is supposed to be an official album. In fact, he self-released one of his “mixtapes” on his blog a couple weeks ago. The project is called Browntown, which was tracks from the album he was making for Roc-a-fella Records (remember them?). The songs are much more polished than what many will be used to from Hot Soup, but they are very solid. You can download the songs here. I personally like “R.E.S.E.V.O.R.D.O.G.S.” a lot and the bonus freestyle.

Danny is a personable geek, just read his blog. It is obvious he gets how to interact with folks as he is comfortable being himself and shows no concern about what folks may think. He can rest assure that his fans are going to support him because they will actually know him as a real person, not as a fantasy or diety. You can find him on Twitter (@XDannyXBrownX), facebook and MySpace.

Check out the trailer for The Danny Brown Movie, filmed, produced and edited by Nic Notion (creator of many AVGs). Bang Browntown and stay tuned into Brown’s channel as I predict he has got some !$#t for our @$$!

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