Welcome to the NEW FryinginVein.com!

It has been a long time coming, but it is finally a reality – FryinginVein.com is now in business as Frying in Vein (FiV) Music Business Services – a SorSaw Enterprises, LLC company. Please excuse the dust. There will be active changes being made in the coming weeks as we get comfortable with the new setup.

Major thanks goes to Chris Genetti aka @draconum for the theme re-design. He is not just great with web design; he is also pretty handy with producing electronic music. Ask him about it.

If you enjoy the lovely background image, then you will be interested to know that it was designed by Andrea Williams of &rea Designs.

There is a lot more to come, so take a look around and make sure you stay tuned in however you like!

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  • http://twitter.com/rachelkuptz Rachel Kuptz

    Looks great, Hubert! Congratulations on the re-launch.

    • http://fryinginvein.com HubertGAM

      Hey Rachel! Thanks!

      Yeah, I’ll be bothering you soon to talk internet marketing. LOL, it’s about to get very real over here.

  • http://www.yaffetidbitsblog.com mikemcclure

    Looks good, Hubert. Looking forward to my taste having a new shape!

    • http://fryinginvein.com HubertGAM

      You are a nut, Mike. That’s why you’re my buddy! Thanks!

  • http://nikkilittle.com Nikki Stephan

    Looks snazzy! Congrats on the launch!

    • http://fryinginvein.com HubertGAM

      Thanks Nikki!

  • http://twitter.com/L05_ L05 (of @CEL_EL)

    Looks sharp Hubert!

    • http://fryinginvein.com HubertGAM

      Thanks Carlos!

  • http://draconum.net Draconum

    I’m overjoyed that the new look has gotten a positive reception, though I can’t take credit for Andrea’s beautiful background, which is a really amazing complement to the rest of the design and a huge part of why it all looks so good. Hubert’s got some great ideas and helping him realize them has been a pleasure. All the best in the new year man!

    • http://fryinginvein.com HubertGAM

      I’ve been trying to drum up a really awesome response to this comment, Chris. All I can really say is, “HEY EVERYONE, HIRE CHRIS FOR YOUR FREELANCE WEB DEVELOPMENT WORK!”