AVG: V Count Macula – So Damn Busy

You might remember my feature on Detroit’s V Count Macula and his visually-stunning video for “Smooth Wizardz.”

Well, the man has come back with a follow-up to his debut with “So Damn Busy,” conceived and directed by V Count and his brother. I won’t spend a lot of time writing. Let’s just get to the video, shall we?

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  • Jane

    Love tune, love the chopper, the eyebrows, love the showercap…who’s in charge of this video?

    • http://fryinginvein.com Hubert Sawyers III

      Hey Jane!
      V Count (Vaughn Taormina) and his brother (Brad Taormina) are the visionaries for the video. I believe some of the cinematography can be attributed to someone else though.