Where You Can Find Me: Twitter

If you are reading this blog, then you are probably very hip and already know about the numerous social media sites. I know your time is precious, but I wanted to take one day a week and highlight the other places where you can find me on the internet. Of course you might be a regular reader, so you could already be well-versed of my online presence via my links in the blog sidebar. SWEET.

Today is significant, because I recently logged in my one thousand, one hundred eleventh “tweet” on Twitter. For you of little time or slow reading comprehension, that is read 1,111.

Now if you are not on Twitter, that is all well and good. There are so many sites, how can you have time to use them all, right?

Well, I will say Twitter is one of the winners in the social media game these days. While it’s future is just as unknown as the MySpaces and Facebooks of the world, it is a great place now to build relationships with people like yourself. As a person who chops it up with people of different walks of life regularly, I like to try to build common bonds with those that may not realize that there are more like them roaming the planet. For instance, I am very passionate about music and trying to maintain a certain level of quality in my daily consumption of it. The blogosphere has it so that there are thousands of songs being shared every day. In the my mind, I cannot imagine even 10% of those songs even being good, so I try to find sites that actually focus on quality works rather than large quantity of supposedly exclusive ones.

Case in point, Fresh Selects dot net is a great place to find progressive hip hop, soul, electro and combinations of each mentioned genre. Run by a guy named Kenny Fresh, who probably should show his face sometime if he is ever to answer to his very appreciative growing public. If you check this place and find it enjoyable, then you will LOVE Kenny Fresh’s spot. Guess what? Kenny is also on Twitter! As like anyone with taste, Kenny is not afraid to share his opinions on music and the world should be all the better for as he speaks truth!

As I close, I want to encourage you to have fun with social media, but take it seriously. More and more companies (read: potential employers) are eyeing social media sites as ways to find prospects for hire… and fire. Your online presence can probably make or break a relationship of any sort. If you are an artist, then you may want to read some blogs on how to properly use social media. In fact, I will give one tip right now – STOP BROADCASTING AND START ENGAGING [YOUR PEERS/FANS]. There is no need to talk at people. You should want to talk with them. It aids in building long-term relationships. Know that. Until the next one…

Oh, wait until you see what I do for tweet # 1234!

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