FUNKY FRIDAY: We Are The Tay (The Future of Urban Pop)

Here on Frying in Vein, we are going to stick to focusing on increasing your ability to discover new music. There are plenty of great blogs that exist where you can find what is hip and cool in music, but all the music can get overwhelming. Therefore, we bring you FUNKY FRIDAY. Whether a solo artist feature or an epic DJ mix, know that we are putting the brand on the line to highlight those that make music that has staying power. We hope to not disappoint.

Introducing The Tay*, an urban pop producer (read: this means he has RANGE) based in Atlanta, GA. He has roots in Detroit, but the A-town influence is heavy. Nothing wrong with that though. Tay provides a clean and refreshing approach using 808 and 909 drum kits. This Detroiter is going to assume hometown influence on my favorite portion of this instrumental / remix project by this budding producer. The first 10 tracks are swell and all, but Tay throws us for a loop [in three movements over three tracks] starting at “Keep Some Things,” which is an excited experiment in jungle / drum-and-bass tempos. You are taken on a new journey that immediately begins to switch up about two minutes and 45 seconds into the aforementioned cut and then Tay goes into an intro for the following track “Baow Baow Batao.” “Baow Baow Batao.” has a feel that has “will be bitten by Timbaland” emanating all over it. I hope Tay gets the distinction of ghost-producing for the super-producer in his near future. I think he has the chops. He definitely is not afraid to try and make you dance.

Another point to note is that Tay mixed and mastered the entire project himself. He is currently going to school learning sound engineering. This listener is definitely impressed by the project’s fidelity.

We Are The Tay is a free project. It has got a little bit of everything – a little melancholy, some gangsta bang, even the high-energy heat that goes well when on a nice ride on the highway. So… go ahead, give the man your e-mail address and remember where you heard about this young upstart.

* Tay is the brother of Detroit CYDI member, Saron “Sean Uppercut” Dier.

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