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Mumdance - The Mum Decent E.P. cover

AVG – Mumdance featuring Esser – Don’t Forget Me Now

It has a been a while since I shared an audio-visual gem. While on The FADER blog looking for a random band, I ran into this crazy thing by Mumdance and Esser. It is delightful and tasty. Enjoy!

If you enjoy this song by Mumdance, please purchase his new extended player. The image below will direct you to it on Amazon (affiliate link, support your helpful blogger!)

Mumdance - The Mum Decent E.P. cover

Merchluv – Where Rock Stars Meet Craftsmen

Arts and Crafts night at Our Community Place, ...
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We have talked about merchandise in our Masters of Content series. If you read the posts and felt defeated, then mope no more! We were on Hypebot the other day and learned about Merchluv, which is where “artists inspire artists.” Sounds like utopia, doesn’t it? This is an interesting model – crowd-sourced merchandise. Imagine the possibilities.

Here’s a summary of how the service works where band meets arts-and-crafts and then get married and/or do business (however you want to see it):

Musicians just upload their logos, photos, etc. Then designers buy a license for 99¢ to make an original merch sample and post their creation on Mechluv.  If it sells, the designer ships directly to the fan and band gets 20% of the sale. Bands can also negotiate to purchase higher quantities of an item to sell  directly to their fans.

Via Hypebot

This opens so many new opportunities. If you use this service, please come share with us your experience. We would love to do a feature on you!

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