Old School Detroit-inspired Techno/Electro Mix by Kevin

I am from a fancy place called Detroit. You may have heard about it. Probably nothing good, unless you were getting the info from places like here, Positive Detroit, Detroit Moxie, Urbane Reflections, Ren Soul or somewhere like that. Regardless of all that, I wanted to continue to do my part and showcase the good stuff that has made Detroit cool in a lot of places not surrounded by the Great Lakes, namely its music.

Machine Soul - DJ mix by Kevin cover

Detroit has some of the world’s greatest DJs. There, I said it. I would bet we have more touring DJs than any other region per capita, just based on from the techno scene alone. That is why it brings me great pride to share this Detroit-inspired mix done by a guy that used to go by DJ Phizyx. Now he just goes by Kevin. Shared by our good friends that make the Hello Friends Podcast, here is Machine Soul – DJ mix by Kevin. Check out the tracklisting in the JPEG.

Machine Soul - DJ Mix by Kevin back cover

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The Value of Relationships: Why I Really Like A Strange Arrangement

Mayer Hawthorne - A Strange Arrangment album coverI was recently thinking about my long tail keywords that would be associated with my personal brand.  Thoughts on what I have been splattering all over the interwebs had me realizing that I obviously have a certain preference for artists I know personally.  You know what though, there is nothing wrong with that. At first, I figured it was my own ego finding a way to keep itself entertained, but that is far from the case. There are new artists I do not know at all that I check for on a consistent basis, but I find that there is a greater economy of music that comes from people I actually know and it is just as good as any music that comes from anywhere else.

I am reminded of a quote by Sole, where he said:

So eMCees I ain’t feeling you if I don’t know your real name.
Bottle of Humans

Ask anyone that knows me and they’ll tell you I quote this lyric often. After being an avid rap listener for 20+ years, I believe I have just about heard it all. There is little that really moves me anymore in the lyrical space. Occasionally, a Danny Brown comes along and reminds me of the good old days, but that is more nostalgia than refreshing brain stimulation. What moves me now is to hear “inside information” in a song provided by an artist that has shared a little something with me, regardless if it was voluntary or not.
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I interrupt my own stream of constructive thought to hip you guys to a video made for one of the songs of SP’s Movin’ Along LP. If you are a fan of the SAC, then you will love this.

More about show promoting… actually, the conclusion to the 3-part series coming this weekend. Stay tuned.