What The Ach-Ee-Double-Hockeysticks Is Wrong With Fat Beats?

So I was on MySpace today and a musician that I am somehow friends with posted this video that he’s featured. The video is for none other than Black Milk for his first single, “Give The Drummer Sum.”

Now at first, I was wondering what was wrong with said musician. I figured he may not be technically savvy, so I clicked the link to check the video. I’m led the Music Videocast site, only to find that there is no way to embed it. WTF?! Why would Black not want folks to share his video?

In this day and age, you want as many people checking for you as possible. I have never been on Music Videocast until today and I wasn’t impressed. I actually got spammed before I could see the video! That’s not good. The shape of the video was awkwardly proportioned. I could tell that the video was supposed to be stunning visually. The Music Videocast generator is not doing it any justice. They need to get this video removed, like immediately.

I know Black is on Fat Beats, so I am imagining this is more their fault than anyone else’s. I have heard about issues the label has from folks that have worked with them in some form or fashion, whether it be on staff or as an artist on the label. The thing is, they’re one of the only games in town now. One would think they would be with the times though. Fat Beats, this is unacceptable. Y’all need to get it together. This should be Black’s breakout record. He’s given you plenty to use at this point.