140 Characters Conference (Detroit) Music Panel

140conf LogoOn Wednesday, October 20th, I will have the distinct privilege of moderating a panel at the 140 Characters Conference in Detroit. The panel will include Martin “DJ Graffiti” Smith – VP of Marketing at A-Side Worldwide, Dominic Arellano – Founder of the Few Records, and Jason Gittinger – Executive Producer of The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music.

We plan to talk about building a music economy in Detroit and how the real-time web can help build it. Here are the general touch points that we plan to discuss.

The event should be streamed live and we are tentatively-scheduled to go out around 2:30pm. Stay tuned to the #140conf feed for the live-stream link.

What do you think of the topic we plan to cover? Do you have any suggestion for anything specific that you don’t see here that we need to discuss? Let me know in the comments.

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AVG: spiderjuice45 – “zoo bee zoo”

This was made by a good friend of mine, who is based out of Lansing [by way of Flint], MI. I know him as Terry “mrSlate” Taylor. You will know him as spiderjuice45 right now.

He’s got a project titled Strange Recipe that is available. Here is a wonderfully-trippy video that uses a snippet of one of the songs from the project.

Stay tuned. I have some more stuff to share from this guy. He is not getting away this easy.

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RCRD LBL Star: The Like – Fair Game

The Like
Here’s the quick info-packed nugget about The Like from RCRD LBL:

Some things of note regarding The Like’s new album, Release Me: it was recorded live, to tape, via strictly analog gear, with producers Alex Greenwald (formerly of Phantom Planet), the Dap-Kings’ Tommy Brenneck, Homer Steinweiss, and Victor Axelrod, and some guy named Mark Ronson. Oh wait, we know that dude. He’s pretty good! As those facts and the above photo imply, first listen “Fair Game” sounds pretty retro, all headspinning organ touches and bustling drums. Release Me arrives in full on June 15.

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