Simple Content Strategy for Musicians

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I want to thank Saron “Sean Uppercut of Detroit CYDI” Dier for the inspiration of this piece.

Music. Marketing. Social Media. Twitter. Facebook. YouTube. Blogging. RSS feeds. Viral. Insert buzzword here.

When taking the plunge into the sinkhole that is Internet, it will get overwhelming if you are not properly equipped. You need a map, a flashlight and possibly a hard hat.

This does not mean there is not an easier way to deal with the inevitable evil that is marketing your music online. You just need to learn how to simplify things, so without further ado, let’s get to the advice you came to get.

If you plan to have a music career, then you need to consider this simple content strategy for musicians when approaching your craft. Now depending on where you are in your creative process, you may be able to skip a few stages.

Note: this is more of a plan than an actual strategy. Going through these stages though will help you plot a proper strategy when it comes time to marketing the music and supplementary content that you make because of it. Continue reading “Simple Content Strategy for Musicians”

New Music Industry Gets Academic Treatment

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A young lad from The Netherlands wrote a 20-page paper exploring 5 recent case studies dealing with the online promotion of new music content (download PDF here). The gentlemen’s name is Bas Grasmayer. Remember it, I think this fellow will be making plenty of noise in the near future. For more information about his thesis, check out his Future of Music Distribution Tumblr.

As I get ready to attend my first new music conference, I decided to re-read Bas’ paper to get my mind in the zone to talk about the new music industry. I have been talking a lot on this blog about what artists need to do to brave this paradigm shift and stay relevant in a sea of noise. Bas’ paper did not necessarily showcase anything I did not know, outside of the silly Groove Armada/Bacardi business, but it did fortify my thoughts on what works. In fact, I want to help you out by listing the 5 things Mr. Grasmayer suggest works in the new music frontier.

  • Giving fans a reason to buy.
  • Freemium.
  • Understanding that the package IS the product.
  • Buzz.
  • Co-branding.

The first three are my favorites. In fact, I think one should fuse them together when putting together a proper marketing strategy for any project. With the right approach in what I am going to call “the trifecta,” buzz will be imminent and co-branding will be a serious option with a relevant partner.


If you get a chance to peruse Bas’ paper, I definitely would like to make the comment section here a place to hold a virtual forum.  PLEASE.  Share your thoughts!

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