RCRD LBL Star: The Like – Fair Game

The Like
Here’s the quick info-packed nugget about The Like from RCRD LBL:

Some things of note regarding The Like’s new album, Release Me: it was recorded live, to tape, via strictly analog gear, with producers Alex Greenwald (formerly of Phantom Planet), the Dap-Kings’ Tommy Brenneck, Homer Steinweiss, and Victor Axelrod, and some guy named Mark Ronson. Oh wait, we know that dude. He’s pretty good! As those facts and the above photo imply, first listen “Fair Game” sounds pretty retro, all headspinning organ touches and bustling drums. Release Me arrives in full on June 15.

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The Value of Relationships: Why I Really Like A Strange Arrangement

Mayer Hawthorne - A Strange Arrangment album coverI was recently thinking about my long tail keywords that would be associated with my personal brand.  Thoughts on what I have been splattering all over the interwebs had me realizing that I obviously have a certain preference for artists I know personally.  You know what though, there is nothing wrong with that. At first, I figured it was my own ego finding a way to keep itself entertained, but that is far from the case. There are new artists I do not know at all that I check for on a consistent basis, but I find that there is a greater economy of music that comes from people I actually know and it is just as good as any music that comes from anywhere else.

I am reminded of a quote by Sole, where he said:

So eMCees I ain’t feeling you if I don’t know your real name.
Bottle of Humans

Ask anyone that knows me and they’ll tell you I quote this lyric often. After being an avid rap listener for 20+ years, I believe I have just about heard it all. There is little that really moves me anymore in the lyrical space. Occasionally, a Danny Brown comes along and reminds me of the good old days, but that is more nostalgia than refreshing brain stimulation. What moves me now is to hear “inside information” in a song provided by an artist that has shared a little something with me, regardless if it was voluntary or not.
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