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Download SoundCloud Player – Alex Zelenka

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Alex Zelenka is a producer and DJ from Chicago, IL. The tracks you can find him making and/or playing vary between tech house, electronica, nu disco and everything in-between. He has a new project available for free download under the title Morphemic.

Alex has impressive stats on SoundCloud for someone we just recently came to know. He has an impressive resume with a considerable amount of releases. We asked him a few questions about his experiences on the site and what his approach to using it.

1) Why do you use SoundCloud? What are some success stories that you have had using the site?

Well, I was one of the first 400 artists who got to test the site before it was officially released and I have proudly used its features (widgets) to release my music for free digital downloads on multi songs.

2) Do you have any strategy with how you’re using SoundCloud?

Normally, I seek out songs and artists I like and follow their work and by using some of the share features it allows to me share music with my favorite artists as well.

3) Who are some of your favorite artists to check for on SoundCloud?

Crystal Castles
Secret Shadows
Lucky Date
Kill Paris
Da Fresh

4) If there was one feature that you would like added to SoundCloud what would it be?

I think a chat box would be pretty sweet to talk with online artists or maybe an app to design album covers.

5) Who/what are your influences? What songs that you feature on SoundCloud are good examples of these influences?

I am influenced by all genres of music, I have always been in love with the expression through sound.

Check out Alex Zelenka’s latest project: Melodies & Mayhem:

Funky Friday: Cosmo Baker – DJ Extraordinaire

This week, I want to highlight one of my favorite DJs – Cosmo Baker of The Rub. I would go way into his history and explain why he is the best, but it would do no justice to his credibility and accomplishments. Check out the mix. I suggest you play it off this embedded widget, because there is an annoying commercial that pops up intermittently when you watch it on Ustream.

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AVG: Neurosonics Audiomedical Laboratory

Ever since I saw the Pomplamoose videos on their YouTube channel. I have been really receptive to quality Audio/Visual Gems that are off my radar of the internet. This one is no exception. Featuring world famous DJ crew, Scratch Perverts, this is a fantastic display of cutting edge technology and imagination. I wonder what the production budget was for this video less than 3 minutes long. Let me say no more and you check it out for yourself:

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