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Detroit Music Business Professionals, Let’s Unite!

Photo by Fotoula Lambros
That's me on the left tweeting snarky messages.

On Thursday, May 12, 2011, I participated in a panel covering “Social Media & the Arts.” The esteemed panel had various brilliant minds from Detroit’s music, fashion and traditional design inner-worlds. The event was impressive. I have to admit that my friend, Sola Obayan of BTO Solutions, did a great job with the help of a few key folks. The event impacted me so much that I have been inspired to write some new posts.

First order of business, the one thing that was missing for this month’s Social Media is a Party was Detroit’s talented music business professionals. There were a few musicians in the house, but there should have been more. I take some responsibility for that, but there are many days where I just want to host a support group with like-minded people. That being said, I want to have an event with the following people:

… and many many others

I am setting the stage as I believe Detroit music business professionals are key to the revitalization of our region.. Where are you guys? When can we get together? What do you think we should discuss? I know I have many topics I could pine about extensively, but I want to hear from you – my peers.

Miami Bass, Detroit Booty / Jit, Chicago Juke – What’s The Difference?

Today, we have a special guest blog brought to us by Alexander “Benny Ben” Moore, a DJ from Metropolitan Detroit. Benny Ben is a long-time friend of Frying in Vein, so when we found the following tweet from Stones Throw CEO, Peanut Butter Wolf, we asked him to weigh in as an SME (Subject Matter Expert). We hope you enjoy the knowledge dropped!
Miami Bass, Detroit Booty/Jit, Chicago Juke - What's the Difference?

Detroit Booty… it was almost the fucking exclusive soundtrack to the city in the midst of the 1990s.

Alexander "Benny Ben" Moore at The Do-Over
photo by Al Myers

I’ve been spinning and collecting records since like ’95-’96 when I was in 12th grade and it’s taken me until 2010 at age 32 to finally make the mix I’ve wanted to make since then. It’s called “One Track Mind, Four Track Heart” (title pending). It will be released shortly as an installment of the A-Side Worldwide podcast and it’s 60 minutes of the type of music you could only be from the Detroit area to understand… but what is it called?

Growing up in the shadows of the State Fairground Band shell (where I once heard Luke and Poison Clan perform “Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya’” live on my front porch, one block south of 9 Mile Road). You might say I was a bit of a loner for awhile there. Since age 11, I’ve been the type of hip hop junkie who can’t go even one minute a day without likening some everyday situation to rap lyrics or syncing it to a beat.
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