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I am currently looking to expand things here at Frying in Vein in order to reach a broad audience. There are many that do not read. Certainly, there are many that hate the internet, so I am looking into new ways to spread my message to those that still need to hear what I say here.

That said, I will be blogging about the developments of a new podcast and a dedicated video blog in the near future. Frying in Vein swag will also be in the works as well. For the offline set, I have started on a book that kind of plays off of the advice I give on this site.

It is all about the now though. I was recently given the opportunity to join an affiliate program for a music download site called Dancetracks. Consider this my full disclosure. If you click on the link below and purchase the track(s), I get a cut of the proceeds. The cool thing about this site is that their MP3s are DRM-free and you can even buy WAV files for you snooty DJ types that don’t want your bang compromised.

Dancetracks logo

To start, I am going to highlight the latest release of the J Dilla discography – Dillanthology Vol. 3 out now on Rapster Records. Expect when I share new music that if you see the Dancetracks player that you can help me continue to provide quality material to you by clicking through and supporting.

J Dilla aka Jay Dee – Dillanthology Vol. 3 | Dancetracks.

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