Peter Fox – “Alles Neu” (Translation: “Everything New”)

I got hipped to this via one of the coolest girls – aside from my future wife (hi honey!) – that I know, Annika Howe. Note to readers: if you do not have your own name with a dot com behind it, then you are at FAIL right now. I’m just saying, I told you so. Yeah yeah, this ain’t no Hubert Sawyers dot com or gambit the mc dot com, but this isn’t about me. 😉

Anyway, the artist goes by the name of Peter Fox. He’s the singer in a group called Seeed. Based on the YouTube views alone, I can see these guys are very major overseas. I must say I am digging the worldly pop reggae sound of Seeed, but this is about Peter Fox (Wikipedia info).

“Alles Neu” features the Cold Steel Drumline. Word to Phat Kat and eLZhi. You know I’m going to do my Google work, so here is a YouTube video of the group from North Carolina A&T below. Now I don’t know if this is the same crew, so if you know better – PLEASE CLARIFY!

With all that said, I know there are people that hate to listen to music in a different language. I always feel that if it is jammin’ that it never matters. Peter Fox is pumpin’ to me – word to PUTS. For more information on Peter Fox, check him out on MySpace.

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  • AnnikaHowe

    This song has been stuck in my head for weeks now and I don’t even mind because it is so fantastic. If you want, I can post a translation of the text. There’s a lot of German slang but it’s entirely possible. (and thanks for your sweet words – big XO)