An AVG of Hipster Club Proportions (NSFW)

Disclaimer: This content of this song is not suitable for young ears. It is not advised that you turn this up at work or anywhere near your grandmother. Also, as this is usually a “trendy” tastemaking blog, it must be made clear that this song is WAY OLD. I do not care about that one bit though. This is still my jam as I find it hilarious even today.

Yes, I like to play myself on my own websites.

This video was made to accompany Pase Rock‘s killer club jam “Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge.” It is basically his imagining of her sonic response to the crazy instances of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears being caught wearing no underwear under their very short club dresses and skirts. There are many funny videos that get made to accompany songs, but this one is unsung and it is syncopated to the beat no less.

If after watching this video, you feel the need to own this song like I do.  Be sure to cop the digital download of the EP over at Turntable Lab.

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