Paradime Presents The Merlot Show

My man, Kelly “K-Fresh” Frazier” had the other dope white rapper from Detroit create a podcast for Renaissance Soul Detroit – K’s super Detroit blog which features the first and most complete Dilla info/discography page EVER.

Here’s what K had to say about how this podcast came about:

So decided to spice up by reaching out to my closest homies and having them do guest podcasts for me. The first to hit me back with one is my Guinness drinking brother Paradime, who cut the podcast while home for a minute from touring as Kid Rock’s tour DJ. This shit is hilarious!!! He was drunk while doing this (big surprise) and coined the podcast as The Merlot Show (guess what he was drinking). Dime mostly plays some of his favorite Detroit hip hop joints so enjoy and expect more guest StoopidFresh Podcasts (yes! I’m coining my podcasts that too) and hopefully more installments of The Merlot Show. I think House Shoes needs to do an episode of The Merlot Show for me. Get on that!!!

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DOWNLOAD: Stoopid Fresh Podcast #3 – Paradime Presents The Merlot Show

Okay, you know I couldn’t leave you without some treats. Most folks don’t know much about Paradime in the greater scheme of the hip hop internet. Paradime was doing his thing around the same time the other dope white rapper from Detroit was and Paradime had way more personality than Em did if you compare the Slim Shady EP with ‘Dime’s first album Paragraphs. In fact, I think Malcolm Gladwell is on to something with his Outliers book, where he basically purports that a person’s success is based more on luck and opportunity than actual talent and drive. Seriously, Paradime is a beast. Detroit knows how to build rappers – NEVER FORGET IT FOLKS!

Anyway, I’m going to do y’all a favor and give you download my favorite early tracks from Paradime. Actually, I just pulled the best tracks off of his first album Paragraphs, because I’m too lazy to rip the other CDs. It’s a .zip file, so you know I’m doing you a favor. Production by DJ Head (Eminem, Proof), House Shoes and features by Invincible, Bugz (R.I.P.).

Now… check this old music out and let me know what you think. Paragraphs came out in the late 90s, I believe, but Paradime never got major. He tours as Kid Rock’s show DJ, which I’m sure is a lucrative gig and he still creates music. Around Detroit, he packs houses. I am not sure if ‘Dime does shows outside of Michigan, but that doesn’t matter. Recognize today… even just using the podcast that he’s the man.

Frying in Vein Presents Classic Gems by Paradime

Make sure you come back now, ya hear?!

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