FUNKY FRIDAY – House Shoes’ Hip Hop Instrumentals

HouseShoes_Jordan_Rockswell_LASeries_4A long while back, I wrote a piece about Detroit hip hop ambassador [DJ] House Shoes. It seems that one of Detroit’s greatest champions of its music may finally be building some serious steam as he has had two (2) releases in 2010 with threats of more. Many of you might not understand why I would even make note of this, but I have been following Shoes’ career since 2000 when I purchased a CD by Detroit hip hop artist Paradime. Before I even knew of his future endeavors, I was intrigued by the fact there was a producer in Detroit by the name of House Shoes. Little did I know, when I finally came back home from my stint in college that he would be well on his way to becoming one of the most respected figures I would come to know personally.

Today, I want to share Shoes’ two recent projects. Both of which contain material that I have been sitting on for quite some time and I glad to see it finally be released for public consumption. The first I will share is his latest vinyl project released on All City Dublin, which features two instrumentals by House Shoes and three by Metro Detroit expatriate Jordan Rockswell. The project is the fourth installment of a series that features beats from artists that live in Los Angeles. It is available for sale now overseas. You can preview all of the songs on the site as well.

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The second project is another limited vinyl release that was released by Stones Throw Records, which you might recall is one of our favorite record labels. Unfortunately, this release is sold-out, but I will say the packaging is wonderful as I have two (2) copies in my possession.

This is what I am playing a lot lately. You can still buy the MP3s for the Stones Throw project (click the image on the left to buy) and if you got worldly pockets, you can get the other project shipped to you from the Netherlands. As a music fan and supporter of quality work, I will be buying it; even though, I already have the instrumentals on my harddrive.

If you want some free music offerings, check out the Shoes’ House podcast. Shoes has one of the best ears for music around and his taste is vast, much like mine. Have at it. You will be glad you did.

Miami Bass, Detroit Booty / Jit, Chicago Juke – What’s The Difference?

Today, we have a special guest blog brought to us by Alexander “Benny Ben” Moore, a DJ from Metropolitan Detroit. Benny Ben is a long-time friend of Frying in Vein, so when we found the following tweet from Stones Throw CEO, Peanut Butter Wolf, we asked him to weigh in as an SME (Subject Matter Expert). We hope you enjoy the knowledge dropped!
Miami Bass, Detroit Booty/Jit, Chicago Juke - What's the Difference?

Detroit Booty… it was almost the fucking exclusive soundtrack to the city in the midst of the 1990s.

Alexander "Benny Ben" Moore at The Do-Over
photo by Al Myers

I’ve been spinning and collecting records since like ’95-’96 when I was in 12th grade and it’s taken me until 2010 at age 32 to finally make the mix I’ve wanted to make since then. It’s called “One Track Mind, Four Track Heart” (title pending). It will be released shortly as an installment of the A-Side Worldwide podcast and it’s 60 minutes of the type of music you could only be from the Detroit area to understand… but what is it called?

Growing up in the shadows of the State Fairground Band shell (where I once heard Luke and Poison Clan perform “Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya’” live on my front porch, one block south of 9 Mile Road). You might say I was a bit of a loner for awhile there. Since age 11, I’ve been the type of hip hop junkie who can’t go even one minute a day without likening some everyday situation to rap lyrics or syncing it to a beat.
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SoundCloud Weekly – Quelle “Dreams”

Many of my friends seem to like when I share new music. I listen to a lot, so when I get the question “what’s some good new music, Hubert?,” I feel bad that I am not ready to deliver an amazing pick on queue. I know it is all in my head, but that is the way I am wired. That said, I bring to you the SoundCloud Weekly. This music-centric social media community is where I look to find new tunes from the not-yet-popular. These will be short burst posts. If I find enough information on the artist, they may make a future “Funky Friday.” Until then, you can just enjoy their good tunes.

For my first offering, I want to share two songs from an artist I know will be a “Funky Friday” feature sooner than later. His name is Quelle. He’s in the hip hop group Crown Nation and the minimalist art pop group Awesome in Outer Space. The two songs are from his Awesome in Outer Space projects.

If you dig the songs, you can download them off the Crown Nation website. There is even a place to donate if you feel so compelled. Support the autograph!

6 dreams by quelle christopher

5 shine by quelle christopher

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Thanks goes out to my friend, Alex Richard, for the inspiration behind this series.