Funky Friday: Cosmo Baker – DJ Extraordinaire

This week, I want to highlight one of my favorite DJs – Cosmo Baker of The Rub. I would go way into his history and explain why he is the best, but it would do no justice to his credibility and accomplishments. Check out the mix. I suggest you play it off this embedded widget, because there is an annoying commercial that pops up intermittently when you watch it on Ustream.

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If I Were Paxahau’s Chief Communications Officer (CCO)

The 2010 Movement festival has come and gone. For most of us, it was a whirlwind of a weekend. I am still recovering from the two days I went downtown to partake. There were highs (Martinez Brothers (thanks K!) and Kraak & Smaak) and there were lows (Hudson Mohawke’s no-show and not being able to see Plastikman). All in all, it was a solid job by the event production crew that is Paxahau. I tip my hat to them.

As some of you may have read my open letter to Paxahau, you may find the last sentence a bit interesting. Since posting the letter, I have had some compelling discussions and received a lot of constructive feedback from many in Detroit’s electronic community at home and abroad. It has always been my position that Paxahau is the preeminent leader in the community from whence they emerged. With that leadership, I feel they have a certain responsibility to its community. As an admitted outsider, it would seem that Paxahau has not been very active as community leaders, but after talking to some insiders, I am of the understanding that they do plenty. Problem is, it is not helping them if only a few people are aware of their positive work beyond the festival.

I have some ideas on how they can patch this hole. Imagine, if you will, as if I were responsible for handling Paxahau’s communication efforts. For the moment, consider me the Chief Communications Officer, CCO or Director of Communications at Paxahau. My initiatives as CCO are going to address the following issues:

  • Misinformed / misdirected troll fire
  • Lack of genuine local community support
  • An under-educated community on the Paxahau brand

By acknowledging these issues, as CCO, it is clear that we need to take control of the Paxahau brand message, as well as build up stronger organic word-of-mouth for future Paxahau events.

Before I lay out my tactics, check out this video:

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AVG: spiderjuice45 – “zoo bee zoo”

This was made by a good friend of mine, who is based out of Lansing [by way of Flint], MI. I know him as Terry “mrSlate” Taylor. You will know him as spiderjuice45 right now.

He’s got a project titled Strange Recipe that is available. Here is a wonderfully-trippy video that uses a snippet of one of the songs from the project.

Stay tuned. I have some more stuff to share from this guy. He is not getting away this easy.

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