Building a Music Economy at Allied Media Conference

Photo by csgholz
Photo by csgholz

On Sunday, June 20th, I was invited to participate in a session at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit. The session was designed to be a catalyst agent to building a new music economy for artists in the city. Fronted by Ilana “Invincible” Weaver and Monica Blaire, the roundtable discussion focused on providing solutions to the problem ailing most music acts in the city of Detroit. As it becomes very apparent that artists tend to feel more loved away than at home, there was a feeling that more could be done to change the situation.

Although the scenario was brief, it was a powerful move in getting the future leaders of Detroit’s music business community together. [Other] Key persons in attendance were Vaughn Taylor of SplinkMe, Nina Morena and Jocelyne Ninneman of FusicologySicari Ware and Piper Carter of 5e Gallery and journalists Tamara Warren and Jonathan Cunningham. One of the biggest takeaways from the discussion was that all parties in attendance should look to pool resources to build a stronger unit for the community. Instead of continuing working in silos, we should band together and create a unified network that encourages quality over quantity and garners brand recognition.

I know I look forward to working closely with everyone that I connected with at the conference. Hopefully there will be reports of progress in the very close future. As an advocate of leading by example, I look to coordinate some collaborative projects intending to help the music community at-large in Detroit.

A big thank you goes out to Invincible for the invite to participate. Make a point to follow her on Twitter.

Quick question: when you think about the business of music, what is your vision of a thriving economy?

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AVG: Mark Ronson & The Business INTL + Q-Tip + MNDR

We featured the Japanese TV Show-inspired video Trippin’ at the Disco” by People Under The Stairs. It seems that this idea has gone viral in this new video for Mark Ronson’s latest project with The Business INTL. Guest vocalists Q-Tip and MNDR add to the futuristic vintage sound and feel of the track.

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AVG: Zelda and the Unibrows’ “Physician, Heal Thyself”

Zelda and the Unibrows is a band, based out of the Detroit area. A long time ago, we called their sound “baroque pop electronica.” We are probably wrong with that categorization, but we love their whimsical sound anyway.

Recently, we were tipped off that the group has a short film coming soon that is based on their album Unreason (Amazon link). In checking out the trailer for the short, we discovered the following video and we thought it was just perfect for our Audio/Visual Gem feature.

Check out Zelda and the Unibrows on Amazon. They have their extensive catalogue available in both physical and digital formats.