Open-Minded liberalist Thoughts of a Black Man

Well folks, here you are and here I go. I hope to inspire more individuals who are like myself to feel free to expand their horizons and not cower to the social construct that most of us force ourselves to be participants.*

Growing up in Detroit, it comes as no surprise that I was once a strong Democrat. I cannot and will not refute that. Thing is, you cannot get me to stomp for Democrats anymore. Actually, I do not want to have anything to do with either party, to be truthful. I have my college education at James Madison College within Michigan State University to thank for the expansion in political thought that has led me to stray as far as I can from our predominate political parties. Now before you totally dismiss me as a cynical, detached ne’er-do-anything, check me out for a few more paragraphs.

My avowed disassociation from our major political parties is not a sign that I do not agree with any of the current basic tenets that make them what they are supposed to be. I just do not believe that their values are in touch with our globalized culture anymore. The advertising department over at Washington, D.C., Incorporated wants us to believe in being American, as the organization wildly parties us into the ground. I am usually all for partying, but not when it ruins my daytime image. If I had the opportunity to travel abroad again, I feel I would be embarrassed to identify myself as an American. I cannot imagine we are looking quite well to the rest of the world. In fact, our superior status has to be quickly dissolving amongst a good portion of our allies, subordinates and enemies.

Now the thoughts in the paragraph above are not something I have harbored my entire life. Honestly, I would say that my current position has truly been inspired and molded by the 2008 presidential race. I have always felt that my political leanings fell somewhere in the middle of the contemporary American political line, knowing I actually embrace the true concept of either linear extreme. When I speak of linear extremes, I’m talking textbook liberalism and textbook [Marxist] socialism. That is what is supposed to separate Democrats and Republicans by American media standards. Democrats love more government involment; Republican want to see less of it. At the end of the day, government still needs to be vital for them to have jobs, so they toe the middle like Chinese gymnast.

My First Revelation

… (this is the end of part 1)

* I use social construct quite a bit, because that’s the only theory that I actually accept wholeheartedly at moment. To learn more, here are fleshed out wikis here.

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