Old School Detroit-inspired Techno/Electro Mix by Kevin

I am from a fancy place called Detroit. You may have heard about it. Probably nothing good, unless you were getting the info from places like here, Positive Detroit, Detroit Moxie, Urbane Reflections, Ren Soul or somewhere like that. Regardless of all that, I wanted to continue to do my part and showcase the good stuff that has made Detroit cool in a lot of places not surrounded by the Great Lakes, namely its music.

Machine Soul - DJ mix by Kevin cover

Detroit has some of the world’s greatest DJs. There, I said it. I would bet we have more touring DJs than any other region per capita, just based on from the techno scene alone. That is why it brings me great pride to share this Detroit-inspired mix done by a guy that used to go by DJ Phizyx. Now he just goes by Kevin. Shared by our good friends that make the Hello Friends Podcast, here is Machine Soul – DJ mix by Kevin. Check out the tracklisting in the JPEG.

Machine Soul - DJ Mix by Kevin back cover

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  • Walter@ DJ Equipment

    Interesting, would never have thought Detroit has the best DJ’s. Do you know where I can download those songs you mention in your mix?

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