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In a city where sunshine and silicone reign, Hip Hop group Now On are showing Californians how Michigan puts it down. Initially, the trio of Jackson Perry, Haircut and IX Lives were living in Ann Arbor: where the closest thing they had to a beach was Belle Isle, snow boots were used during 10 months per year, and widespread success was just an aspiration. But the group’s big move three years ago has them bringing substance to the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles.

It all began with each member performing with separate groups; Haircut with Athletic Mic League, Jackson Perry with Funktelligence, and IX Lives with Ace Deuce Clique. Crossing paths while performing at the same venues, friendships led to the three collaborating until their collective chemistry prompted a permanent partnership. Fellow Detroit artist and friend, Buff1, coined the rapping/singing/producing trio “Now On”, which is an abbreviation of their motto: “Live from Now On to the future.”

With several quality full-lengths already padding their discography—“Eye Level,” “From Now On…,” “Don’t Call It a Mixtape”—the group drops their new LP, “Tomorrow Already,” last week under A-Side Worldwide. Jackson Perry and Haircut (IX Lives couldn’t join the interview because he was attending a college business course) connected with to talk about changing locales, loving home, and the importance of voting.

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Here are Now On videos:

New single – “The Willows”

“Now on and on”

… and a bonus – my favorite track “White Girls”

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