Quick Profiling Spot: Nick Speed

I love it when I come across random videos of work by friends of mine. Nick Speed didn’t send this to me. I don’t even know if he knows that this video exists. He probably does, but I digress.

I am going to get more information about this beat battle that Nick was a contestant. It looks like he may have won this joint.

But let me say this here first, NICK SPEED IS THE BEATMAKER FROM DETROIT TO WATCH. Seriously, I respect all those producing tunes from Detroit and its surrounding areas, but no one really has the range of Nick Speed. Nick eats, breathes and sleeps music, plus he’s charmingly geeky. You can hear it in the swing in his tracks. You can sense it in the selection of samples that he uses.
Follow the blog hype if you want, but you’ll find yourself left empty for that sheer raw musical innovation that you’ve come to expect from our humbly desolate metropolis. Seriously, I’ll just let you check out Hot Soup. I can give you a track-by-track analysis on why Nick is a better beatmaker than you. Test me. I’m not saying he’s the best, but he’s better than you (me included). BOOM.

I’ll be back with more info… and another notable profile in a bit.

Nic Notion just forwarded me this video edit below that he did with a Nick Speed track.

another EDIT:
wiki-wiki Nick Speed… know the ledge.

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