#2 Music Industry Secret to Success – Reach Out

I have developed a set of music industry “secrets.” These “secrets” are designed to develop positive behavior, so do not expect a ton of tactical talk. Strategy will be the ultimate takeaway. In each shared “secret,” we are going to give ideas that should help you make the right changes toward a substantial music career. Be sure you check out the previous “secret” of “Be Yourself” before reading this.

Touched by an alcoholic by the Comic ShopHere on FryinginVein.com, we have discussed the importance of listening, particularly in the Vanilla Ice-inspired “Stop, COLLABORATE and Listen” post. Listening is key to wrangling new collaborators, friends and fans alike. Mind you, these people that you find can be all to you, but that will be up to you.

Once you have listened closely and found those that you believe would be good to get better acquainted, take the time to find out where they really dwell. You may have found them on Twitter, but take a dive into their bio/timeline and see if they might have a website. Most likely, that is probably their favorite place. You can check to see if they have a blog, a contact page or a better place to get their attention. These efforts are all steps that you should consider in your outreach efforts.

Outreach is critical to building any sort of network. It is a task that should be a constant chore. Staying in touch with your fans will prove to be the easiest way to stay relevant with them. You may not always have new material to share, but maybe it is time to see what is happening in their world. Such a basic function gives so much in value and it is probably one of the cheapest PR/Marketing tools you can leverage.


REACH OUT – learn more about the people you attract and figure out what your common interests.

Now for some tactical advice, check out my buddy Refe Tuma’s Creative Deconstruction blog post on how to properly connect with music bloggers.

Have any good outreach stories? Please share them in the comments below along with any other thing else you are compelled to say.

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