SoundCloud Weekly – Mars Dynamo

Mars Dynamo looks to be based in Chicago. Her tunes seem to run the gamut of hipster chic fare. These are two cuts that I found jammin’. It seems she has collaborated with our first SoundCloud Weekly feature – Quelle of Awesome in Outer Space and Crown Nation.

091213-BootyBrunch5 by marsdynamo

NOT REALLY SFW – you’ve been warned.

PUSSY ENVY by marsdynamo

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  • Nadia Lin

    I love Pussy Envy!!!! This is the best song ever! Who is Mars Dynamo?!

  • Nico

    Mars Dynamo is producing the craziest electronic music in Chicago’s underground right now… we can’t wait to see that Dynamo of a woman rock the ish out on her first US tour! Finally the public has access to their next favorite independent artist. From the death of the MYOUR House, Mars was born.
    *-* Arch(i)e *-*

  • Mr Buck

    Aw yea! juke elements, dub elements, wacky topics…this stuff is fun as hell!