Jamie Foxx, Forest, Jake, Samuel L & Ron Howard

I know this is not par for the course on this blog, but I’m a whimsical guy. Honestly, I rarely find enjoyment in a lot of current music, but when I come across “Blame It” by Jamie Foxx featuring T-Pain (who is a pop genius, by the way) I always turn it up.

Anyway, I found this video on the Sneakers:Suits blog as I was excited those brothers were back at it. They’re young and not as affected in the mind like myself. You will find far more music on a page like theirs, but I am digressing…

The title is only to lure you into the fact that the five most random dudes are in the video for this club song. I have no clue if they are doing a movie together; I have not done a lick of research. Maybe you can clear this situation up (Ron Howard, really?). Seriously, I think they purposely made him look as disheveled as possible; even though, he’s the richest guy in the room. AWESOME.

Anyway, you can enjoy this like I did or just be crabby because it’s a radio song. Either way, Ron Howard is STILL the man.

Seriously though, vet this situation. I’ll find something to send you for free. Jamix Foxx, Forest Whitaker, Jake Gyllenhaal, Samuel L. Jackson and Ron Howard… FTW.

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  • Norm

    Pop genius… isn’t that an oxymoron?

  • justin bardic

    Damn! Star-studded event! I think I saw Quincy Jones in there around the 2:00 mark. That’s some really well-produced auto-tuning too, the chorus effect they’re using behind it sounds expensive.

    BTW, who’s still crabby at radio/club tracks?

  • Hubert

    @Norm – the answer to your question is NO. Not everyone can pull off pop songs over and over again.

    @Justin Bardic (the next eMCee that really needs to put something out) – You’d be surprised, but people still like moping about stuff they will never be able to contain.

  • http://www.whollysblog.com edziol

    Blame it on the Ah ah ah ah ah ah! lol! this song and video was certainly a surprise. Ron Howard, the same little kid on b/w TV and later dorky teenager on Happy Days and the same motion picture powerhouse chill’in in a drop old school Continental with 1/2 of Broke Back, Willey Beamen and Idi Amin…classic,new cool direction for the white guy in an R&B/Rap video (for the longest the butt of a jokes). This vid/joint was a fav but now has been getting over-played but don’t that marks a true smash hit? Keep up the sweet po po po po po-o-o-sts! Autotuner 4 EVer!