Black Milk – “Give The Drummer Sum” video update

Apparently, someone hacked the Music Videocast leak, because it has made its way to YouTube. It’s viral, y’all! Fat Beats still cannot contain it.

The quality has been diminished. It is obvious that the visuals are supposed to be scintillating, but they’re fuzzy now. I would say this may have an effect on Black Milk’s brand, but I may be jumping the gun. Let me know what you think.

We found this over at the Fader blog:

Shouts out to my man Tate of Gorilla Funk Mob, who is the middle drummer in the video. He gets like no solo shots. I see you though, bro’!

I found a much better version over on House Shoes’ blog!

All right, at least the viewer can enjoy it now. If you love Tronic, then make sure you tell all your folks about it! This is Black’s breakout record!

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