7 Random Things About Me Meme

Greetings all, it looks like I have finally been tagged in the 7 Random Things Meme. I got the cool distinction of being tagged by Beverly Cornell – author of Global Business Perspectives.

You should already know I am random if you read this blog. I don’t know if this list affirms or refutes that logic, but here goes:

1) I am a sugar addict. My major weaknesses are in the form of donuts, rich cakes and pies. This is the reason I am participating in the 30 Sugar-Free Days Challenge started by Dr. Scott Olson to try and break this addiction.

2) When I was 15, I got the opportunity to go to Japan as an exchange student in the Detroit / Toyota City Sister Cities program. This experience changed my life forever. Being a sheltered kid from Detroit, I had no idea there were areas that were TOTALLY different from the United States. If not for this trip, I have no idea what I would be like today. From my musical taste (which is where I was first hipped to a certain Detroit hip hop producer – thanks Justin Brown) to my general worldview, Japan shook me up like a martini made for James Bond.

3) When MSU rioted in 1999 after losing to Duke, I followed behind the riot police squad as the shot tear gas at crazed… property defacers. Talk about surreal.

4) I once ate a serving of french fries a day for 48 days straight. The streak was started during my 6-week excursion in Europe. Streak ended at a Wendy’s when it got robbed at gunpoint. My fries got dropped on the floor as they were being handed to me. Again, I didn’t freak – I wanted to maim the assailant.

5) As a hobby, I rap. I like doing it, but don’t care about making money with it. www.myspace.com/gambitthemc

6) I used to own over 5000 vinyl records; I own about 15% of that now. I’m a music junkie. I still have over 200 professionally-released cassette tapes. I also have reel-to-reels, but no player… YET.

7) I met my fiancee at a Halloween party in Detroit. I was dressed as Tyrone Biggums – the character from The Chappelle Show. Yes, the crackhead… and I barely meeting her that first time. Horrible, I know…

more movies at www.miloop.com

All righty, here are the se7en bloggers that I am going to tag (make sure you check out their work while you’re at it, reader:

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Here are the rules for my fellow bloggers:

  • Link your original tagger(s), and list these rules on your blog.
  • Share seven facts about yourself in the post – some random, some weird.
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  • bandaid.razorblade

    gambino … ive been following your blog for a minute now, good stuff. i love the 7 random bits of info youve posted … im a sugar addict as well. my moms too, she’s kicked it for almost one full year now. she says if sugar [high fructose corn syrup, brown sugar, evaporated cane juice, etc] is listed within the top 5 ingredients of an item, its too much. there are also foods/ingredients that convert to sugar. you really have to get inventive with your recipes at a certain point. anyway, im checking out your blog, starting my own blog and listing Frying In Vein on mine. be well dood. DJ Collectives [Dustin] .. http://www.bandaidrazorblade.blogspot.com

  • Hubert

    Hey Dustin! How’s life? Thanks for stopping by and making your presence known. I appreciate it sir!

  • austin

    those are some interesting things! i found you through balanon’s video interview. tastemaker? cool! you and i have similar taste when it comes to hiphop. you on last.fm? i want to connect, talk music and share ideas. great blog!

  • Hubert

    Right on man, nice to meet you. Yeah, I’d love to connect. Feel free to DM me via Twitter. You can find me through Facebook too. In fact, most of my social media stuff is available right on the blog.

    Thanks for your comments. Let’s build!